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Medical and Operational Excellence at Cygnus Magnus Medicare

Cygnus Magnus Brahm Shakti Sanjivani Hospital gives strong emphasis on its two key pillars of sustenance, our Medical expertise and Quality care provided to our patients. With a patient centric approach, we monitor over 64 indicators to maintain clinical and operational excellence. We believe in continuous healing relationships respecting patient’s needs and values.

Infection Control Program

We recognize that the control and prevention of infection in our patients and the staff who care for them, is an absolute moral commitment and responsibility. Hence, Cygnus Magnus group has a robust Infection Control Program that has been enforced with the help of Infection Control Committee, one of the first of its types in the city.

The Infection Control Program covers policies on hand hygiene, occupational health, isolation, infectious diseases notification, clinical sample collection, environmental hygiene, antibiotic usage and infection prevention in practice settings and visitor areas. It also focuses on prevention of nosocomial infections especially ventilator associated infection by following up on ventilator bundles, surgical site infections, UTI and Intravascular device related infections and also on control of communicable diseases by policies on patient care related activities.

The Infection Control program is supported by information management in relation to microbial surveillance and notifiable diseases. The policies and guidelines laid down are evidence based on current scientific knowledge and recommendations from National and International societies and organizations. Guidelines for periodic audits are also provided so that evaluation and quality control is undertaken.

Our hospital also has an Acute Care Unit under the Department of Infectious Diseases with the aim to provide immediate relief, special care and isolate patients. The overall aim of the program is to guide doctors and health care workers on minimizing patients' infection risk and ensuring safety.

Patient Safety Plan

Patient safety is a discipline in the health care sector that applies safety science methods toward the goal of achieving a trustworthy system of health care delivery. Patient safety is also an attribute of health care systems; it minimizes the incidence and impact of, and maximizes recovery from, adverse events.

This patient safety plan ensures that Cygnus Magnus Brahm Shakti Sanjivani Hospital Implements and maintains a patient safety program in accordance with national and international guidelines.

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