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Investigations in Haematology, Blood Banking, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Histopathology, Electron Microscopy, Immunology and Molecular Medicine.

  • Comprehensive woman health check up programmes including PAP smear, USG & mammography.
  • All types of Gynaec-surgical as well as non surgical problems including emergencies.
  • High Risk pregnancy unit with comprehensive management of all Obstetric High Risk Conditions.
  • Gynaec Oncology (Cancer in Women)


  • Routine tests like Glucose, Cholesterol, Creatinine and Urea etc., are available on Autoanalyzers.
  • The quality of results is assessed by stringent internal and external quality controls.
  • The lab has a Blood Gas Analyzer, Osmometer, Electrolyte Analyzer, Turbox on which new specialized tests have been introduced.


Immunology for hepatitis markers, Cancer markers, Immunoblots and PCRs for infectious diseases. DNA typing of HLA by SSP is performed HLA B27 tests for ankylosing spondylosis. Crossmatch tests like B & T, A H G are also performed.


It deals with the isolation, identification and sensitivity testing of infectious agents. Various types of cultures and serological tests are carried out. For this purpose, automated culture systems for blood and body fluids. TB culture and sensitivity, and automated identification and drug sensitivity of bacteria are available in this laboratory.


The routine blood counts are done on Fully Automatic Sysmes KX-21. Various haematology profiles like Coagulation profile have been developed to cater to various clinical conditions. We also have facilities to investigate thalaessemia and haemaglobinopathies. Flow Cytometer for Leukemia and Lymphoma marker, HIV, DNA Analysis.

Chief of Laboratories

  • Dr. Mannu Kukreja


Since inception, Cygnus Magnus Laboratory, with the best of staff and equipment is today considered to be one of the most reputed and largest among the private sector in Region. The laboratory has a trained staff including experienced pathologists.

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